Life become successful as one practices what one has learn from experience. Yes, knowledge can be acquired from books, persons & experiences. Student learn mostly from books as well as from their teachers. When such learning becomes a process in life, student undergoes a formation of character which leads to success in life.

The F.S. Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital has already made a niche for itself in the circle of medical education in the near by area of Firozabad. The seed of this huge tree was sown, not doubt by the management, it has been brought to this level by the faith deposed by people in general.

The portals of this institute are open for those who are looking out for academic atmosphere, matchless work culture, minded teachers, sophisticated libraries, laborites and above all cool serene setting of the hospital & the college.

The college is started as a challenge against cheap education. With the grace of God and grit of teachers and students, we want to keep this torch ablaze. If you are the one to take up this challenge against sickness, disease and death, you are the person we are looking for……….


Dr. Dilip Yadav