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How to Interpret the Quotes in a Study

Many quotations give the same meaning, even if they differ in the context. For instance, the quote ‘This paper is about me.’ in a study can mean something that happened to a person, a event, or a group of people. The first quotation often indicates the idea being communicated, and the next connects to the activities taking place. Hence it is crucial to come up with the necessary phrases to connect the two events. Let us see what the translations are to follow when quoting a text.

  1. Introduction: The first paragraph of the introduction describes how the student will begin the conversation. A good opening is essential because it determines the flow of the whole passage.
  2. Thesis: This is the main sentence of the report. It outlines the problem statement of the discussion and restates the aim of the article. Students should emphasize on the thesis to make the speech more readable.
  3. Body: The body section of the essay provides a summary of the discussed subject. Each point in the paragraphs is cited using capital letters. The final segment of the document is called a conclusion. The purpose of the piece is to remind the reader of the goal of the research.

These tips help you to compound words and sentences that are easily understood. Even so, remember to vary the expressions as per the instructions given. Otherwise, long texts may be boring to read and not bother reading. After coming up with a few base meanings, include additional details for emphasis and clarification in the margin.

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